Our Story

Yaka shares the rich flavours of Africa with the world while creating jobs in West Africa along the value chain of local agriculture products. 

Yaka was created in 2019 by an international team who have been living and working for more than 20 years on the African continent. 

Our products have been successfully introduced in the Ghanaian market in 2020. Due to our success in Ghana, we quickly started to export our products to Ivory Coast, Senegal, and the European market as well.
We look forward to introduce the Taste of Africa to the rest of the world!

    Our Added Value

    • We operate our own agro-processing facility in Accra, Ghana.
    • We crested an assortment of original & exotic recipes with the best local ingredients. We continuously look to develop new products.
    • All of our products are powered by amazing African ingredients and adhere to international quality standards. 
    • We create local added value by sourcing our raw materials and producing our finished products in West Africa.