The genesis of Yaka brand/products came from the need of creating tasty and healthy products from Africa for Africa. 

Yaka means in Lingala (one of the languages of DRC) “Come”. We invite you to come and discover the “Taste of Africa”.

Yaka stands for “Made in Africa” resulting from all the goodness of the African soil. We want to prove that Africa can be self-sufficient in terms of nutrition and over the medium term we would like to promote our African pride to the international scene.

We currently have a range of exotic fruit spreads, moringa blossom honey and a delicious range of three chilli pepper pastes. And much more to come over the next months. Always with respect for quality, health, pleasure and local added value.
First of all, we would like to put emphasis on the fact that all our products are locally sourced from large numbers of farmers across the country using sustainable and organic practices.
Secondly, we’ve combined our previous experience in raw material sourcing, food processing, quality control, brand development, marketing as well as sales to the benefit of this sustainable exciting project. 
Our goal is to prove to the local and international community that “Made in Ghana” products are equal or even far above common standards.