Taste of Africa

Yaka is a Ghanaian, eco-certified food brand with the mission to introduce the Taste of Africa to consumers worldwide. We are focused on creating high quality, made-in-Africa food products powered by African ingredients.

Discover with Yaka

Explore the richness of the African soil with Yaka, which literally translates to ‘come’ in Lingala. With Yaka we invite you to experience the diverse and vibrant flavors of the continent.

Our products


YAKA Chili Paste - Extra Hot Packshot RGB Transp.png__PID:69de2e37-1886-4e45-b840-de279f8f8991

Fruit Spreads

YAKA Jam - Pineapple hibiscus vanilla Packshot RGB Transp.png__PID:f840de27-9f8f-4991-959b-21923169d5a8


YAKA Jam - Honey Packshot RGB Transp.png__PID:59389475-4464-4d78-8196-a65df9b6d61b


KV110881 - KEN Yaka - Fonio 250g 125x526mm Packshot RGB Transp.png__PID:78c196a6-5df9-46d6-9b25-b44bddc92d62

Working together for Africa

Working with Local Farmers