Discover the goodness from the African soil

Yaka is an invitation to explore the vibrant African flavours that are as versatile as the continent itself. A true feast for the taste buds and a true translation of African flavours.

Taste of Africa

Yaka is a Ghanaian based food brand with a mission to create demand for under-utilised African crops, with a focus on developing new value chains that can connect small producers into the global economy.

We make delicious and nutritious food powered by African ingredients.

How Yaka is working together for Africa

Working with Local Farmers

Yaka Chili Pastes

Our chili pastes do not only add a
spicy touch to your dishes, they add a lot of flavour. They are excellent with rice and pasta dishes, but can also be an additional ingredient to your sauces and marinades.

Ingredients: chili peppers, ginger, garlic, soy oil, salt. They have a Shelf life of 18 months. Best stored in a cool & dry place and kept in the fridge once opened

How our Chili Pastes are made

Our Combo Pack

Why not explore all our chili pastes? Our combo pack is just right for you.

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Our Fruit Spread Range

A range of exotic fruit spreads made from fresh seasonal fruits.

Healthy & natural with a fruit content between 75% and 85%.

Almost no added sugar, resulting in 30% less sugar than “normal jams"

Explore our great tasting Fruit Spreads

Our fruit spreads are great on toast and bread but they also pair very well with cheese platters.
Ingredients: fresh fruit, some pectin and a little added sugar to safeguard the shelf life.
Our Fruit Spreads have a shelf life of 24 months. Best stored in a cool & dry place and kept in the fridge once opened

Brief History of Yaka

We want to share the rich flavours of Africa with the world while creating local jobs along the value chain of local agriculture products.

Yaka was created in 2019 by an international team who have been living and working for more than 20 years on the African continent.

Our products have been successfully introduced in the Ghanaian market in 2020. Due to our success in Ghana we quickly started to export our products to Ivory Coast, Senegal, and the European market as well.

We look forward to introduce the Taste of Africa to the rest of the world!

Design of our Products

What makes us different